“... an indispensable guide to the spiritual opportunities of married life. Intriguing examples show how the trials of love can lead beyond romantic illusions, to divine love.”

– Robert Johnson, Author of We: Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love.

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Quotes from The Sacred Dance

Marriage presents unique spiritual opportunities because our mates and God reach out to us in similar ways. (p 6)

Marriage offers ideal conditions for spiritual vocation: a disciplined way of life that builds virtue and invites spiritual awakening. (p 6)

Whenever we practice love, we draw near to God.
(p 7)

Love incites conflict, spurring change. (p 11)

Love entitles us to assert bold claims. Unless you insist that your partner take your concerns seriously, love cannot flourish. (p 12)

Love is blind, but marriage restores its sight. (p 17)

Your relationship with God is likely no closer than your best relationship with another person. (p 22)

We find freedom and fulfillment when we devote all that we have to some higher purpose, holding nothing in reserve. (p 24)

Like skydiving, surrender to love requires the ability to resist panic in the face of danger, staying alert and composed, even as we plunge into the unknown. (p 24)

In marriage, we learn how to love our (closest) neighbor as ourselves. Doing so, we discover how to love God. (p 37)

Marriage is uniquely well-suited to keeping the ego in check. We unwittingly select a partner who’s able to serve as our own foil. (p 48)

If you want to know the truth about yourself, you have no better source than your mate. (p 59)

The glory of creation is nowhere more evident than in your mate’s body. (p 59)

Nothing else can substitute for spending unstructured time together with your mate. (p 112)

Sooner or later, even for Casanovas and cowboys, the desire for union surpasses the fear of exploitation. (p 130)

Conflicts present exceptional opportunities if you can withstand the heat. (p 133)

Falling in love, we plunge headlong into the realm of mystery and paradox. Then, in marriage, the plot thickens. (p 150)

We spark the magic in marriage not by dutiful effort, polite restraint or lofty spiritual ambition, but by small acts of imagination and courage. (p 155)

Gender differences sometimes loom large. But in declaring the other gender fundamentally alien, we evade encounter with mystery. (p 160)

Sex bids us to integrate our “higher” spiritual yearnings with our equally legitimate bodily nature. (p 164)


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