“... an indispensable guide to the spiritual opportunities of married life. Intriguing examples show how the trials of love can lead beyond romantic illusions, to divine love.”

– Robert Johnson, Author of We: Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love.

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Dr. Larry Wampler

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Personal and Spiritual Background

A keen, lifelong interest in spirituality anchors Dr. Wampler’s professional training and experience. In addition to academic study of world religions, he practiced Buddhist insight meditation for many years before returning to his Christian roots. Inspired by his wife’s spirituality, he converted to Catholicism. His respect for the wisdom of other religious traditions lends depth and broad appeal to his writing.

The human compassion and intellectual integrity evident in The Sacred Dance are grounded in Dr. Wampler’s childhood. He grew up in rural Oregon, in humble circumstances, raised by parents who modeled mutual respect, loving affection and devoted commitment. While not religious, they taught belief in God, and duty to “love your neighbor as yourself,” along with a dose of skepticism towards dogma and human institutions. They adhered to authentic family values, in an era when the term simply meant putting the needs of people ahead of material considerations. Now, at ages ninety-five and eighty-eight, they still live independently, on the same small farm where they raised their children. They have won the admiration and heartfelt affection of every single member of their extended family, stretching into four generations. They recently marked their seventy-first wedding anniversary, still radiating joy and love.

Dr. Wampler’s wife, Kathy, shares his spiritual commitment and priority. They have been married twenty-three years, residing in the California coastal town of Encinitas.


“Your relationship with God is likely no closer than your best relationship with another person.”

Excerpt from The Sacred Dance, Page 22



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